The best science shows direct to your school or special event

Fran Scott copyright BBC at Edinburgh Festiival
Marty Jopson Science Performer
Amoeba to Zebra – Natural History Musical
Matthew Tosh Science pyrotech

SciEnts brings the very best educational science entertainment shows and presentations direct to your school, venue or event. Unlike other online directories of science performers, ours are hand-selected by invitation-only to offer the very best and nothing but the best, to guarantee you a quality mix of science and fun.

The best science shows for schools

The UK’s best school science talks and shows from experienced science and maths performers. Bring a real scientist, engineer or mathematician into your classroom bridges the gap between science and maths in school and the world outside.  We offer the very best Enhancement and Enrichment (E&E) opportunities to support your science, engineering, technology and maths teaching.

Corporate Events & Science Speakers

SciEnts offers the best entertaining, educational, funny and interesting dinner speakers in the UK for your conference, corporate event, or science parties or functions.  Why not join our email list to keep up to date with the very best science presenters and performers in the UK? Or Follow us on Twitter @SciEntsBlog

Science Entertainment Blog

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