Katie Steckles Maths Entertainer

Katie Steckles – Maths Presenter

Maths Mayhem – it all adds up! More ›

Matthew Tosh Science pyrotech

Matthew Tosh – Science Pyrotechnician

Firework science – with a bang! More ›

David Hall - Science and Maths Actor

David Hall – Science and Maths Actor

Heroes of Science and Mathmagics live on stage! More ›

Being 747 – Science Rock Opera

A natural history musical performance! More ›

Stefan Gates - BBC’s Gastronaut

Stefan Gates – BBC’s Gastronaut

Stunts, robots, explosions and food! More ›

Ian Dunne Science Showman

Ian B Dunne – Science Showman

Do Science with our Showman More ›

Fran Scott copyright BBC at Edinburgh Festiival

Fran Scott – Science Misadventures

Science Stunts and Misadventures! More ›

Dr Ken Circus Science

Dr Ken – Circus Science Juggler

The Entertaining Science Circus More ›

Simon Watt – Ugly Animal Roadshow

Conservation and comedy combined! More ›

Becky Kitter Balloon Science

Becky Kitter – Balloon Science

The Bonkers Balloon Science Show! More ›

Science Magician

Matt Pritchard – Science Magician

Surprising science and magical maths! More ›

Marty Jopson Science Performer

Marty Jopson – Science Performer

BBC One Show’s Science Presenter! More ›

Rob Eastaway Maths Magician

Rob Eastaway – Maths Magician

Magic, maths and mind-reading! More ›


Science engagement for adults

It doesn't matter how old you are, everyone has the capacity to be astounded, intrigued, and entertained by science. The science presenters listed on this page offer science talks, demonstrations, workshops and shows suitable for an adult audience. They can cater to those with an everyday knowledge of science or those with a specific interest, like astronomy or engineering. If you're looking for something different for your next conference, corporate event or product launch, you've come to the right place.

Science engagement for adults might be sophisticated but it's certainly not boring. There are no endless, droning lectures here. Lively science demonstrations can open the eyes of those who remember distant school science lessons as stuffy and dull and reveal just how much fun physics, biology, and maths can be, or take anyone who had a chemistry set right back to the wonder of those early forays into scientific discovery.

The performances are accessible but right up to date with the very latest and more interesting scientific developments. If you've ever wondered just what all the fuss is about when it comes to the Large Hadron Collider or Brian Cox, why not find out with one of these excellent science talks or a live show?