Sarah Bearchell Science Adventures and Storytelling

Sarah Bearchell – Science Adventures

Science adventures and storytelling More ›

David Hall - Science and Maths Actor

David Hall – Science and Maths Actor

Heroes of Science and Mathmagics live on stage! More ›

Stefan Gates - BBC’s Gastronaut

Stefan Gates – BBC’s Gastronaut

Stunts, robots, explosions and food! More ›

Jon Chase Science Rapper

Jon Chase – Science Rapper

Astronomy and science-based raps! More ›

Matthew Tosh Science pyrotech

Matthew Tosh – Science Pyrotechnician

Firework science – with a bang! More ›

Science Magician

Matt Pritchard – Science Magician

Surprising science and magical maths! More ›

Dr Ken Circus Science

Dr Ken – Circus Science

The Entertaining Science Circus More ›

Rob Eastaway Maths Magician

Rob Eastaway – Maths Magician

Magic, maths and mind-reading! More ›

Becky Kitter Balloon Science

Becky Kitter – Balloon Science

The Bonkers Balloon Science Show! More ›

Ian Dunne Science Showman

Ian B Dunne – Science Showman

Do Science with our Showman More ›

Simon Watt – Brilliant Biology

Comedy, conservation and brilliant biology More ›

Think Maths

Katie & Zoe – Think Maths

It all adds up – with Think Maths! More ›


Primary school shows

It can be hard to find primary science activities for schools that are age-appropriate but safe, fun, and genuinely engaging. Never fear, SciEnts is here to help! Our fantastic science entertainers can make children laugh as they learn, and start your pupils on the road towards a real love of all things scientific. All the listings in this section are suitable for kids of primary school age. All our shows are good at striking the perfect balance between information and enjoyment and sure to inspire individual classes or whole primary school assemblies.

Shows for assemblies and science activity days have to be simple enough for young children to appreciate and rich enough that older kids get something from the experience too. They have to be well-presented and spectacular enough to hold the attention of hundreds of pupils at a time. Only the best and most professional will do. That's why we've only listed the cream of the crop - so you can hire science performers for primary school shows knowing that your pupils will have a terrific time and come away ready to learn more.

Of course, not all primary science activities happen at school. Many parents want their kids to enjoy the wonderful worlds of chemistry, maths, and physics at home as well. The entertainers listed here are also fantastic choices for out-of-school science shows, clubs and birthday parties.  After all, a love of science is one of the best gifts any parent can give their child.