Science Juggling


Ben & Fred – Science Jugglers

Juggling Science with Fun! More ›


Simon Watt – Brilliant Biology

Comedy, conservation and brilliant biology More ›

Science Magician


Matt Pritchard – Science Magician

Surprising science and magical maths! More ›

Jon Chase Science Rapper


Jon Chase – Science Rapper

Astronomy and science-based raps! More ›

Rob Eastaway Maths Magician


Rob Eastaway – Maths Presenter

Maths, magic and mind-reading! More ›

Ian Dunne Science Showman


Ian B Dunne – Science Showman

The stand up science showman! More ›

Stefan Gates - BBC’s Gastronaut


Stefan Gates – BBC’s Gastronaut

Stunts, robots, explosions and food! More ›

Matthew Tosh Science pyrotech


Matthew Tosh – Science Pyrotechnician

Firework science – with a bang! More ›

Brainy Science Ginny Smith


Ginny Smith – Brain-tertainer

Brainy science shows
More ›

Dr Ken Circus Science


Dr Ken – Circus Science

The Entertaining Science Circus More ›


Explorer Dome – Hands On Science Shows

Science you can handle! More ›

David Hall - Science and Maths Actor


David Hall – Science and Maths Actor

Heroes of Science and Mathmagics live on stage! More ›

Marty Jopson Science Performer


Marty Jopson – Science Performer

BBC One Show’s Science Presenter! More ›

Science Made Simple Engineering


Exciting Engineering

Engaging engineering from science made simple More ›

Neil Monterio


Neil Monteiro – Mystery Science

The mystery of science! More ›


Secondary science shows

Science and maths shows for secondary schools have to be witty, clever, fast-paced and educational. They've got to be technical enough to engage the interest of pupils who may - or may not be - keen on the sciences (and have a knowledge of basic maths, physics, biology, engineering and chemistry), but deliver something for those whose interests lie elsewhere as well.

We don't list just any science shows. The selection is hand-picked and contains only the very best of the bunch. Inclusion in our directory is by invitation only. At SciEnts we believe in the power of great science entertainment and want to see more people of all ages engage with science. Our mission is to showcase the work of outstanding educators, entertainers and performers, and get more really fantastic science and maths shows in schools all over the UK.

The performers listed on this site are ideal for secondary schools assemblies or individual classes at Key Stages 2 and 3, A-Level, or AS-Level. They can be end-of-term treats, science activity days, a contribution towards National Science Week or an early push towards getting more out of classes for the forthcoming year or term. Each one of the acts was carefully chosen for an ability to inspire, inform, and encourage teenagers to enjoy their science classes more. Some are funny, some are beautiful, and some are amazing in the true sense of the word.

There are maths, physics, chemistry, biology, engineering and general science shows for schools to choose from. The performers range from musicians to pyrotechnics experts, but they are all excellent science communicators too.