*New* COVID-safe shows for remote or in-person delivery

Two brand new COVID-safe shows for remote or in-person delivery from our very own Marty Jopson

ZAP! is a high voltage extravaganza including large sparks, Tesla coils (plural), a host of my smaller electrical demos all woven together with a historical narrative. May include electrically detonated explosions (venue permitting).

Invisible Worlds is a live microscopical safari with content tailored to the audience (material science, marine biology, mobile phones, mini-beasts, A-level, micro-machines, general interest). Covers a wide range of microscopical techniques, from the basics to phase contrast, electron microscopy to dark field, and fluorescence to cross polar.

Things you should know…

  • The shows can be delivered live, interactive and tailored to your event
  • Can be fully online, in-person (anywhere in UK) or blended (e.g. live to 1 class bubble and stream to other classes/schools)
  • During or after-event Q&A can be included
  • Stream to any platform (Zoom, Teams, OBS Ninja, YouTube, Facebook, Restream)
  • Both shows road-tested with multiple clients and enjoyed by thousands of family-groups/students
  • Includes marketing materials, RAMS (if needed) and tech support
  • Streams can be set up on your behalf.

    What people have said about these shows
    “Marty’s show was fantastic, accessible to the audience and his multiple cameras and microscopes made it a thoroughly engaging performance.”

    “Marty was a wonderful addition to our Cheltenham Science Festival at home programme.  His relaxed style and specialist equipment brought an unmissable unique experience to our online visitors.” 

    “It was a wonderful experience working with Marty and he was very helpful and forthcoming with material that we required. He also delivers a high quality and engaging performance that our audience really enjoyed.”

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