Elevated status for science and maths primary schools curriculum

Plans to breathe life into maths and science primary curriculum have finally been published by Education Secretary Michael Gove.

“The draft Primary National Curriculum Programmes of Study for English, maths and science are more demanding than the existing National Curriculum, and align England with countries that have the highest-performing school systems.

By raising standards in basics such as reading, grammar, fractions and basic scientific concepts, children will be equipped to do more advanced work once they start secondary school.

The draft Programmes of Study published today will be subject to an informal consultation so they can be widely discussed. Some will think aspects are too demanding, others that they are not demanding enough, and there will be debate about what is appropriate at different ages. The Department for Education will consider the public debate and re-draft the programmes before re-publishing them later in the year for formal consultation. The final programmes will be introduced in primary schools from September 2014.”

You can view the full report at http://www.education.gov.uk/inthenews/inthenews/a00210127/newnatcurric