How much does a science show cost?

It depends on who you book and how far away they have to travel to your school or event. Our Science and Maths Show Performers live all over the UK and are willing to travel. They all charge a similar, very reasonable daily rate for school maths and science shows, and a one-off fee for corporate events. Cheaper and easier than the cost of a school trip, prices start around the £350 mark for two schools shows so it is usually more cost-efficient to ask for two or more sittings and try to maximise the size of each audience. Sometimes schools like to have an additional evening performance that includes families or the local community. If costs are prohibitive, you may consider joining together with another school in a shared venue. During British Science Week, there is often funding available to help your school buy-in some external expertise.

Dates for your science performer

You should have a pretty firm idea of when you want your school maths or science show to take place if you want to sort out a booking with minimum fuss. This might require you to find out about constraints on venue use, exam schedules or other complications.

Location of your Event

All of our science and maths performers are willing to travel anywhere in the UK – and some beyond this. Certain, hard-to-reach areas might incur greater travel expenses and be limited to dates when a performance is already in or near your area. If you can convince another school or venue to book with you in order to offer two consecutive paid days, you’ll encounter much greater flexibility in this respect.

What about age-groups?

You will find a show to suit all audiences from toddlers to teenagers and corporate adult audiences. We cover all key stages 1,2,3 and 4 plus A Level. You get to choose which performer you think your audience will get the most from. This will depend on their age (click on the ‘narrow your selection’ button on the Your Performers page) and the subject or subjects they’ll find the most useful or interesting to learn about. We cover science, engineering and maths shows for all Key Stages in all STEM subjects.

Logistics for the show

On the day, most performers will arrive about an hour before their show starts. They are likely to require a parking space as close to the venue as possible. They will then need at least 30 minutes in the venue to set up and a similar time afterwards to take down. Some will require a projector and screen and an extension cord. Their equipment will also require safe storage if the room cannot be locked between performances. Finally, some performances can be loud, and so adjacent rooms should be notified of the possible disruption.

What about the paperwork?

All our performers possess appropriate public liability insurance and are required to hold a current DBS certificate. If required, risk assessments can be provided directly by the perfomer once the booking is made.