Ginny Smith – Braintertainer

Braintertainer Ginny Smith and her team of presenters spread their love of neuroscience with science shows for schools, festivals and events around the UK and overseas.

Neuroscience and psychology are rapidly developing fields, with new discoveries being made every day, so this makes them the perfect topics to excite young people’s curiosity. Our Braintertainer’s shows are packed with interactive demos and illusions to get the whole audience thinking differently about how their brains work. The presenters she works with are hand-selected for both their psychology/ neuroscience knowledge (holding at least a masters in the subject) and their stage presence and enthusiasm.

About Ginny

Braintertainer Ginny Smith studied Natural Sciences at the University of Cambridge, specialising in Psychology and Neuroscience. As well as developing and performing her range of science shows about the brain, she teaches at the University of Cambridge’s Institute of Continuing Education and presents and produces the PsychCrunch podcast for the British Psychological Society. She blogs and presents videos for the Cosmic Shambles Network and can also be found on YouTube as Ginny Smith Science. Having co-written four science books for DK publishing, she is currently working on a popular science book about how our brain chemicals impact our lives, which will be published by Bloomsbury in 2021.

Shows available include:

Hack Your Brain

Suitable for KS3 & 4 – also perfect for families & festival audiences

Get to know the inner workings of your brain in this fast-paced journey around your nervous system. By creating a giant ‘neuron’ live on stage, this show explores the ways in which nerve cells send messages through the brain and body, and looks at how we can hijack these signals to allow one human to control the movements of another.

That’s Non-Sense! The Surprising Science of your Senses

Aimed at KS2– also perfect for families & festival audiences

Buckle up for a whirlwind tour through the wonderful world of your senses, and the tricks they can play on us. Ever wondered why food tastes funny when you have a cold? Or what happens when you get dizzy? Get ready to discover the truth about the senses you’re familiar with, and some you might never have heard of.



“Fantastic event. Superbly well thought out ways of integrating the audience. Lovely and knowledgeable presenter.”

“The speaker was excellent and knew how to captivate her public.”

“I really enjoyed this talk, learning how easily the human brain can be deceived, but also how well it works when it does know what’s going on…

“Presenter was very good, really engaging and able to really connect with my daughter. Terrific.”

“Great speaker and well structured talk. It went at a fair old pace and everyone remained engaged.

We’ve been to a few lectures (at the RI) and this was the one that my children could not stop talking about all the way home to Reading.”

“Really interesting, brilliant event.”

“Lots of easy activities demonstrated that we can do at home to remind ourselves about the topics covered.”


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