Ben & Fred – Science Jugglers

Ben & Fred – Science Jugglers

Our science jugglers, Ben and Fred, provide an award-winning and truly unique performance which aims not only to entertain with creative juggling and circus, but also to educate.

Science subjects such as particle physics, covalent bonds and hydrogen fuel cells are demonstrated using such skills as juggling and hula hooping, with the aid of a voiceover narration. The end result is a humorous and playful yet educational show for audiences of all ages.

Ben and Fred were the recipients of the Josh Award – the UK’s national award for STEM communication – for the Juggling of Science


The Juggling of Science is a science communication show aimed at introducing and explaining scientific concepts using juggling as a medium. The science content is of GCSE-level, but the visual demonstrations and humour make it accessible for younger children. Adults will also find the parody-lecture format amusing, with each age range enjoying the various layers of the show, making it very family friendly. It is ideally suited for science festivals and has also found success as part of mixed bills in circus/cabaret shows.


Topics covered in the show include the Uncertainty effect, Neutrinos, Covalent bonds, Relative sizes of particles, Hydrogen fuel cells and Sodium explosivity. An alternative version of the show is available which is more suited toward younger audiences. This version features a more basic introduction to atoms, less scientific terminology and plainer non-scientist characters.


“With their wit and an ability to illustrate complex scientific notions like the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, the construction of an atom, dark matter and neutrinos through juggling, Gerstner and Nicholson have created a gem of crossover stimulation.” – Nicholas Minns

“Schools should definitely book this act if they want more kids to become scientists – or jugglers.”Sanjoy Roy

[They] have brought a fantastic crossover of science and juggling together which our audiences will really enjoy… it’s a lot of fun!” – Brad Kelly, Science and Industry Museum Manchester

“The Josh Award winners are some amazing jugglers bringing physical comedy and massive skills to atom configuration. Totally awesome! And a great soundscape in the background.” – Katie Cooper, University of Reading

“They are amazing! Can’t recommend highly enough…they had the audience mesmerised and laughing as well as better informed at the end.” – Julie Brown,

About Ben & Fred

Frederike Gerstner has worked internationally for renowned performance companies such as Gandini Juggling and Feeding the Fish for over a decade, whilst directing several of her own projects. 

Ben Nicholson works as a freelance juggler for various companies. His background in engineering (MEng/BEng) is one of the main drives behind The Juggling of Science and he continues to work in the field today.

They are both graduates of the National Centre for Circus Arts, London. Their work so far attempts to challenge the traditional narratives within circus or juggling performance and explores what can be done with juggling in a performance environment.

Ben and Fred have extensive experience solo performing and teaching circus skills. A circus skills workshop and/or walkabout juggling entertainment can also be provided in conjunction with the show. They are available to hire for any event (together or individually) and can provide walkabout/meet-and-greet entertainment, fire performing, circus skills workshops and stilt walking.


Another Science Juggler can be found here.


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