Marty Jopson – Science Performer

Dr Marty Jopson, our all round science bloke resists categorisation as he is just as comfortable talking to people about Newton’s Laws of Motion as he is about the molecular biology behind why chillies are hot. If you are looking for a well know face to enthuse an audience, Marty is your man.

He has been performing science to audiences for over 20 years and has a large repertoire of shows that are suitable for schools, festivals and corporate clients. He is best known as the science presenter for the BBC One Show, the largest ever BBC factual commission with the consistently highest audience figures of any science programme on telly. When he is not working for the One Show, he is busy concocting new science shows, packed with great stories, peculiar props and then performing them around the country.

His performances are characterised by a strong narrative that tells not just the facts of science but the stories behind them as well. He also has a reputation for building peculiar props made from everyday objects to demonstrate the science. Often times resulting in either an exuberant mess or a flammable finale. Whatever happens, Marty’s enthusiasm for science will bubble over.

For corporate clients, Marty has a reputation for tailoring his material to give a unique and surprising event that will give the audience a chance to think about their own business from a unusual and thought provoking perspective.

Examples of his current shows include:

  • The Science of Everyday Life – cakes, quartz watches and dribblesome teapots (with accompanying book).
  • Advanced Bubblology – the search for the perfectly polyhedral bubble, featuring award winning demonstrations.
  • Zap, Crackle and Pop – An electrifying, hair-raising performance that puts the awesome back into science.
  • Invisible Worlds – a microscopical journey into the unseen. Take a journey from the very beginnings of microscopy, through hugely magnified insects, bacteria and plants to the most up to date fluorescent techniques all demonstrated live on the stage. A show not just full of stunning images, but interactive demonstrations and samples harvested from the audience. You have been warned! This show is supported by Zeiss, global leaders in the manufacture of microscopes.
  • The Science of Food – an exploration of what we eat and how we cook. In this tour of your twenty-first century kitchen, Marty Jopson addresses conundrums such as: Why bamboo is bad for knives? How and why you process cheese? The science of stuffing olives. Why people don’t like sprouts? And why the yuck factor may be part of the future of our food? A show full of demonstrations, audience participation and microscopes.

“You just made a scientist!” Lancashire Science Festival, U.C.Lan

“Exciting and informative science from a first class science communicator” Wolverhampton Uni

“That was amazing! I couldn’t believe my eyes!” Cheltenham Science Festival

“Full of ideas you can take home and set fire to.” Fringe Guru, Edinburgh

Omg I couldn’t shut my son up after the Marty Jopson show! It was all that he talked about all day! – Love STEM, Bradford University

Marty Jopson is a fantastic performer, who is always popular with audiences at the Royal Institution.” – The Royal Instituion of Great Britain


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