Ian B Dunne – Science Showman

 The stand up science showman.

The content for each of Ian B Dunne’s schools shows vary depending on the age range and mix of the audience but it is always entertaining and goes down a storm.

Our stand up science showman’s talks last around an hour. As Faraday said, ‘that’s enough for anybody’, but they can be tailored to fit what ever you need.

Any of Ian’s science shows for schools can be tweaked for any and all age groups from Nursery groups to after dinner and work well with mixed public / family audiences.

Ian has presented at the Royal Institution and many British Science festivals.

His science shows cover the broad range of science and a broad sense of humour too.

Ian is based in Southampton but don’t let that put you off, as he travels widely to deliver his talks.

Four or more maths or science shows in one day at a school is not unusual and all for the same day rate fee. Give him some tables, electricity, a jug of water and sometimes access to a data projector to show pretty pictures….and an audience and he’ll give you a show to remember.

The Science Shows 
Description Age Group
Science Magic… Magic Science Demonstrations that look like Magic, some spectacular stunts and played for the laughs. KS 3 +
The Best Bits of Science…..Ever Some of my favourite demonstrations, pictures and specimens KS 2 +
Great Moments in Science Galileo, Newton, Darwin and beyond KS 2 +
Fizz, Pop, Think Demonstrations to make you go urgh, aaarh and wonder, some thinking may be involved KS 2 +
Evolution, Adaptation, Darwin and that Natural History and the wonders of the nature KS 2 +
Maths, Puerile and Appalled Maths is wonderful and it effect us all, from simple but strange maths tricks to the wonders of binary and computers. KS 3 +
Primarily Primary Maths This title is a clue on this one, it is about maths for primary schools. Striving to lift the curtain on the wonderful world of Numbers

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