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Katie Steckles and Zoe Griffiths are mathematicians and maths communicators who both deliver engaging talks and workshops to schools and events as part of Think Maths, alongside its founder, Stand-up Mathematician Matt Parker.

Think Maths sessions are interactive, engaging and cover mathematical content which will grab the attention of school pupils and inspire them to get excited about maths. Think Maths offer many different sessions on topics ranging from topology, number theory and probability to magic and maths in popular culture.

Both Katie and Zoe are experienced presenting to school groups with a wide range of ages and abilities, family audiences and adults (including teacher CPD) and happily work with both small and large audience sizes. Bookings can be made for anything from a single talk or workshop up to a whole week of sessions! Katie is based in Manchester and Zoe is based in London but they can both travel around, or even outside of, the UK.

Katie has a PhD in Pure Mathematics and also makes videos for YouTube, including on the Numberphile channel which has over a million subscribers. Her recent work has also included consultancy on mathematics theatre projects, art gallery residencies, stand-up comedy at the Edinburgh Fringe and elsewhere, maths busking and compering events.

Zoe worked as a classroom secondary maths teacher for four years, after completing a PGCE at Oxford University in 2011. It is in the classroom that she first developed her love of maths communication. Subsequently Zoe worked at the Royal Institution (Ri) heading up the nationwide Primary Masterclass network. Zoe and Katie have both created and delivered Ri Masterclasses and Summer Schools for primary and secondary age students, and have been lucky enough to give talks in the world-famous Faraday Lecture Theatre.

Choose Katie or Zoe from Think Maths if you are looking for someone enthusiastic and knowledgeable who will explore new mathematical topics in a fun and engaging way.


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