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Rob Eastaway Maths Magician

Rob Eastaway – Maths Magician

Magic, maths and mind-reading! More ›

Becky Kitter Balloon Science

Becky Kitter – Balloon Science

The Bonkers Balloon Science Show! More ›

Fran Scott copyright BBC at Edinburgh Festiival

Fran Scott – Science Misadventures

Science Stunts and Misadventures! More ›

Matthew Tosh Science pyrotech

Matthew Tosh – Science Pyrotechnician

Firework science – with a bang! More ›

Simon Watt – Ugly Animal Roadshow

Conservation and comedy combined! More ›

Katie Steckles Maths Entertainer

Katie Steckles – Maths Presenter

Maths Mayhem – it all adds up! More ›

Marty Jopson Science Performer

Marty Jopson – Science Performer

BBC One Show’s Science Presenter! More ›

David Hall - Science and Maths Actor

David Hall – Science and Maths Actor

Heroes of Science and Mathmagics live on stage! More ›

Ian Dunne Science Showman

Ian B Dunne – Science Showman

Do Science with our Showman More ›

Science Magician

Matt Pritchard – Science Magician

Surprising science and magical maths! More ›

Jon Chase Science Rapper

Jon Chase – Science Rapper

Astronomy and science-based raps! More ›

Dr Ken Circus Science

Dr Ken – Circus Science Juggler

The Entertaining Science Circus More ›

Stefan Gates - BBC’s Gastronaut

Stefan Gates – BBC’s Gastronaut

Stunts, robots, explosions and food! More ›

Being 747 – Science Rock Opera

A natural history musical performance! More ›


The best science shows for schools

Our schools science shows are about more than learning facts and figures. They are about being inspired by science. Each of our speakers and presenters has their own methods, ranging from music to laughter to spectacular live chemistry and engineering experiments, but they have one goal in common. The audience should leave looking at the world in a slightly different way, with a little more understanding and a lot more wonderment than before.

For young children, a spectacular live science experience can pave the way for a lifelong interest in all things scientific. It can show kids that learning can be fantastic fun and that science has wonderful things to offer. As children get older and their scientific education progresses, physics, chemistry and maths shows can help provide that crucial inspiration all kids need if they're going to do well at school and move on to university, but you don't have to be at school to have fun with science. There are plenty of choices for grown-ups too.

General science or physics shows can make great after-dinner speakers or conference entertainment, and they can also be very effective in a corporate events environment. Wherever a group of people are gathered together they can be entertained, educated, and inspired by spectacular science.

We list the best in science communication in the UK, for everyone from primary school children to adult audiences. To help you find talks, performances, or maths and physics shows suitable for your group, we've divided up the performers by target age range. No matter who you want to inspire with science, it should be easy to find the right people for the job.